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Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary is dedicated to the care of special needs equines as well as other species on a case by case basis. 

We rescue at-risk and elderly animals from slaughter, neglect, and premature euthanasia giving them a safe place to live out the rest of their lives. Spirit Keeper provides these animals with the medical, nutritional, and psychological care they need to make sure each animal experiences wellness and contentment. 

We are also dedicated to providing community education in the areas of science-based animal husbandry and training, basic safety around equines, and emergency preparedness for equines and pet animals. 

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At-Risk Equines

Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary provides a safe environment and comprehensive care for at-risk equines. These are horses that are in danger of slaughter, euthanasia, abuse, and neglect. Our resident horses may be elderly, have special nutritional requirements, have chronic medical conditions, have physical disabilities, psychological trauma, or behavioral issues. Their conditions  typically prevent them from being ridden or "wanted" by certain individuals; however, these horses may still enjoy an excellent quality of life when properly loved and cared for. 

Canines and Other Species

Spirit Keeper Equine provides special needs care, training, rehabilitation, and sanctuary for other animal species on a case by case basis. We are a Rocky Mountain Collie-Sheltie Rescue approved foster home.  We assist by providing transport for collies and occasionally other animals from their current location to an approved rescue facility. We currently provide a home or foster care to one goat, three pigs,  eleven Collies, two Poodle/Terrier mixes, one Norwegian Elkhound, thirteen cats, and one chicken. 


Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary strongly supports science-based medicine, training, animal care, husbandry, and rehabilitation. We are dedicated to educating our staff and volunteers, board, community members, the general public, emergency responders, and anyone working with animals. We offer training seminars, classes, and courses. The link below will take you to the page on our site for details, a list, and more information about our educational programs.