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We train cooperative care behaviors. Least intrusive, most effective is our policy!

May 2023

We are thankful for those who continue to support our work with animals and who continue to contribute to our mission. We appreciate Irene immensely who has been volunteering on Saturdays to clean stalls and help feed. We appreciate our former intern Jordan who has graduated with her zoo keeping degree and continues to fill-in here as a ranch sitter when caretakers are away. Jim and Lori are the primary caretakers and live on site. We are thankful to the handful of financial supporters and to  Jim whose salary from another full time job covers 90% of sanctuary expenses. We appreciate those donors who continue to help when they can. Donations are down approximately 85% this year from what they were in 2021. We are limiting services and intakes at this time. We currently are unable to admit any horses or dogs; other species are on a case by case basis as resources allow. We currently care for 45 horses, 16 dogs, 12 cats, and 115 snakes. The animals in order of expense are cats, horses, dogs, and snakes. Feline and equine care are expensive, the vast majority of that is cost of food with equine hoof care and veterinary care closely following. Many of our animals are here due to special needs including special diets and ongoing medical care requiring medications on a permanent basis.

This month, May 2023, we have had extremely high winds which have caused damage to trim on loafing sheds and destroyed on loafing shed, ripping off the roof and part of one wall with debris taking down a fence line.  We must get this shed replaced before winter, the estimated cost is $5500-$6500 not including replacing the fence line. 

If you are able to help in any way please reach out or visit us on Facebook or PayPal Giving. 

Thank you!

Pictured above with Waylon is founding board member Jim Barrentine who puts in endless hours of physical labor at the ranch in addition to working full-time outside the ranch to financially support the non-profit which at this time is not recieving support or sufficient donations to be self-sustaining. 

Pictured above with our mascot Babbie Royale Nymeris is Lori Torrini, founding board member. She is a credentialed animal trainer and behavioist with an applied science degree in zookeeping. She is a Fear Free Certified Trainer and completed the Fear Free Shelters program.  100% of money she earns through her training and behavior goes into the non-profit. Consider supportuing her Patreon at:

"Rapture" 24 February 1982 - 26 October 2020

Our longest-lived resident, Arabian gelding. 

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Check out our Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary YouTube channel!

  On our channel we introduce you to individual horses; and, we also post videos about our daily operations, interviews, equine educational topics, details about hay/feed, fundraising, and any current news! Like our videos and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel so you don't miss out on anything! Our goal is to reach the 1000 subscriber mark which is when our non-profit can start earning revenue for ads that run before and after our videos. THANK YOU!

Featured Video: Equine Enrichment at Spirit Keeper

 Resident Animals and Services

Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary is unable to admit horses into our sanctuary program at this time due to limited resources and lack of sufficient funding. Current resources and funds are being used to provide hay/feed, veterinary services, dental and hoof care to maintain our population horses and other animals. We ARE still providing special needs boarding, re-homing assistance, and training. 

Although started in 2014 to be a sanctuary for special needs and at-risk equines we have been accepting other species on a case by case basis. As of November 2022 our current population of animals includes 44 horses, 15 dogs, 14 cats, and 115 reptiles. Sadly we lost our last chickens, goats, and pigs over the last two years to normal age-related causes; Cordelia, our last pot-belly pig was 19 years old. 

If you would like to help we accept donations of equipment, shelters/loafing sheds, storage sheds, feed, hay, and services. Please check with us to find out about our greatest needs prior to donating. Financial donations may be made via PayPal Giving, Facebook, GoFundMe, Benevity, or direct mail. You may also choose us as your eBay, Good Search, or Amazon Smile charity! 

Please consider monthly donations, if we could get 1000 people to give just $5 a month the horse's feed and hay would be covered, leaving us able to focus on dentals, additional veterinary diagnostics, facility maintenance and improvements, and equipment. 

Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary, where we help elderly and special needs horses THRIVE!

Pictured at left in August 2018: Brownie, age 29 

Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary is committed to caring for special needs equines and other species at risk of being abandoned, neglected, sold at auction, sold into the slaughter industry, or euthanized needlessly. We provide these horses and other animals with a safe place to live out the rest of their lives. 

Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary provides the veterinary care, dental care, hoof care, individualized nutrition, enrichment, cooperative care training, and psychological support needed to ensure animals experience optimal welfare. 

We offer remote and virtual education classes, workshops, and clinics in science-based animal husbandry, general animal behavior, training, basic equine behavior and handling, and animal emergency preparedness. 

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At-Risk Equines

Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary provides a safe environment and comprehensive care for at-risk equines. These are horses in danger of slaughter, euthanasia, abandonment, abuse, and neglect. Resident equines include those that are elderly, have special nutritional requirements, chronic medical conditions, physical disabilities, psychological trauma, or behavioral issues. Their conditions typically prevent them from "wanted" by certain individuals and make them poor candidates for adoption. These animals may still enjoy an excellent quality of life when properly loved and cared for. 

Other Species

Spirit Keeper Equine provides special needs care, training, rehabilitation, and sanctuary for other animal species on a case by case basis. We are a Rocky Mountain Collie-Sheltie Rescue approved foster home. We assist by providing transport for collies and occasionally other animals from their current location to an approved rescue facility. 

We currently provide for or have provided for ferrets, guinea pigs, ducks, goats, llamas, sheep, chinchillas, potbelly pigs, dogs, cats, snakes and other reptiles, chickens, parrots and other birds, fish, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, rabbits, and burros. 

Education & Conservation

Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary strongly supports science-based medicine, training, animal care, husbandry, rehabilitation, behavioral research, and conservation. We are dedicated to educating our staff and volunteers, board, community members, the general public, emergency responders, and anyone working with animals. 

We require all working interns and staff to complete the Fear Free Shelters program and the Animal Welfare Professional Program through SDZGA.