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Who are we and who do we serve?

We the people of Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary  .  .  .  .  .  .  

 .  .  .  provide a safe place for retired, elderly, and special needs horses where they are cared for, nurtured, treated with respect, and protected for the rest of their lives. We believe it is our duty as stewards of Earth to promote harmonious co-existence of all species and do what we can to make sure all species are afforded the opportunity to thrive free from pain and suffering at the hands of humans. We are committed to providing the highest level of compassionate care and science-based husbandry for our resident animals, and to supporting the conservation of their wild counterparts.

In holding with our beliefs, Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary seeks to:

• maintain space, shelter, safety, and sustainability for the horses and other animals we care for;

• broaden human understanding of animals;

• deepen the relationship between humans, horses, and other species; and

• provide enrichment, education, emergency services, and expansion for the animals we love and the communities we serve. 

We are made up of a 4 person executive board, 3 person advisory board, a volunteer coordinator, 4 foster homes, and a handful of volunteers. Our main facility is located in Yoder, Colorado. We are currently caring or 48 horses. Our sanctuary director/founder lives at the ranch along with one of the sanctuary co-founders. These two individuals care for all the animals there 24/7 with occasional assistance from other board members and volunteers. Spirit Keeper Equine relies on board members' salaries from full-time employment elsewhere along with grants and individual donations in order to survive financially. The care of so many animals with special needs is costing about $6000.00 per month on average. This cost includes hay, feed, supplements, farrier/dental/veterinary care, medications, ranch maintenance, electricity, fuel, and shelter costs. We serve the Colorado Springs community and surrounding area of El Paso County. We assist animals in other counties and states when we are able on a case by case basis.

The safety, well-being, and excellent care of the sanctuary residents is our number one priority. We ALWAYS need financial donations and these are tax-deductible. 

Our immediate goals are SPACE - SHELTER - SAFETY - SUSTAINABILITY for our animals.

Our long term strategic plan is to reach routine sustainability and then focus on 


Your Help is Welcome!

  • Cleaning Stalls and Pens
  • Cleaning and re-filling waters
  • Preparing feed and assistance with feeding
  • Unloading and stacking grain and hay
  • Fence repair and other maintenance
  • Grooming, vaccinating, medicating, horses
  • Dog walking and hand-grazing horses
  • Donating towards expenses, feed, hay, care!