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Sponsor Patch by the Month


Patch is a pinto gelding who stands at about 14.2H and weighs about 1000 lbs. His approximate date of birth is Spring 1999. Patch originally went to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue (RRHR) after being one of the last horses standing at the Cavell slaughter plant in Illinois that closed in 2007. Patch was adopted and well cared for, but his family ran into financial troubles keeping their ranch and Patch was returned to RRHR to find another excellent home. In 2012 Patch went to a foster home for the winter and returned to RRHR in May 2013. Over the years much time was spent training Patch and he was with a few different trainers. In September 2013 and after much evaluation and careful consideration RRHR determined that Patch was not suitable as a riding horse and would do better as a companion horse. Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary has experience with 3 other horses who came to Colorado from the slaughter plant along with Patch and this has been our assessment of each of them as well. Whatever happened to Patch and the others in their past has caused them to experience extreme anxiety and concern under saddle to the point of it being a safety concern for the horses and any riders. In the fall of 2013 Patch was sent into another foster home where he kept another lonely horse company. It seemed Patch was a lucky boy to find an excellent permanent foster situation where he could be a companion horse. In January 2019 Patch’s foster home contacted RRHR saying they could no longer keep him. With RRHR no longer having a facility of their own, they asked to have Patch transferred to Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary. Unfortunately, due to our own financial stress Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary is unable to admit horses into the sanctuary program. Patch’s foster mom agreed to pay Patch’s special needs board with Spirit Keeper through May 2019 while a new adoptive home or foster home could be located for him. Unfortunately, Patch, a 20-year-old horse who cannot be ridden, has not found anyone willing to welcome him into their family.

RRHR is working on finding another rescue or sanctuary to take Patch or to find him a new home. Patch was not an easy horse to initially integrate into a herd of other horses here at Spirit Keeper. He didn’t get along well with several groups we attempted to place him with. Patch is now established and bonded with a group of geldings and one mare who he is getting along well with. We hate to disrupt Patch’s life yet again, relocate him again, and send him away to an uncertain future. To allow Patch to remain at Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary 501c3 we are looking for someone to sponsor his stay here. Sponsorship is $250 per month which covers his feed, veterinary and dental care, farrier care, and other incidentals. Individuals, organizations, clubs, or businesses, etc. can sponsor Patch for one month or more if you like. During your sponsorship month you can visit Patch, take photos/video of him, take photos/video with him, and advertise your product/business/club (or whatever) on our website and Facebook page. 

NOTE: If you have a specific month or months you would like to sponsor Patch please indicate that at checkout; otherwise, we will assign you a month and let you know what month(s) you get to be Patch's benefactor for. THANK YOU!

1 Month Patch Sponsorship
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Jenny following eye removal surgery.

2019 Feed and Fencing Sustainability Project

We are committed to making sure our facility is adequately stocked with resources and safely enclosed for the welfare and security of our nearly 50 resident equines. We must build sustainability if we are to feel secure in moving forward with our mission and opening up admissions to new horses. Our goal is to bank enough funds to sustain for at least one year if all funding were to be suddenly lost and to replace all of the wire fencing on our 35 acres with safe horse fencing. To do this we need to bank $75,000 for one year's worth of care expenses and another $12,000 PER SQUARE ACRE of fence we need to replace. 

We need your help! Please consider contributing. 

Read below for additional details and view photos of some of the horses this is going to help!


Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary is seeking assistance with fencing up-grades to accommodate our growing number of blind, disabled, cognitively impaired, and elderly residents.  Who are some of these horses? Jenny, who has had to have both of her eyes removed because of cancer; Lacey, blind in one eye because of an injury; Daisy, who has cataracts in both eyes causing her to be 90% blind; and Cytar, who has neurologic disease causing a lack of proprioception are just a few of them. Pur immediate goal is to replace 5 acres of wire fencing and add cross fencing to create additional turn-out areas. These new and re-done areas will be safe and secure for the equine residents mentioned above! In March/April 2018 we were able to install 1 of our 6 planned enclosures, and bought materials for a second. Materials are being stored on site until we can pay for installation. To complete the installation of this 2nd of 6 planned areas we need $7500.00. We are looking for sponsors, individual donors, companies, and grants for contributions to make this project a reality!


Spirit Keeper Equine is, to the best of our knowledge, the only animal sanctuary or rescue in El Paso County whose mission is specifically to care for special needs equines. We are contacted by those seeking to place blind, lame, elderly, and psychologically damaged horses; or those with chronic conditions requiring on-going medical care. These are vibrant, healthy, happy horses when cared for according to their individual needs. One of those needs is safe living space appropriate for their individual special condition. Typical horse fence has not proven appropriate for this special population: the blind, disabled, and elderly horses showing dementia. We in 2017 we had 3 horses injured getting tangled in wire fencing or running through panels when they became startled or confused about their surroundings. One of the horses died due to her ordeal. This has been heartbreaking and difficult for our caretakers and volunteers; we need the community to understand what a difference the right fencing will make in the lives of these fabulous horses and step up to help! Horse safe fencing sturdy enough and constructed of material safe enough to handle a blind horse running into the fence for example, is expensive. To continue to serve this growing population we must make changes to our facility and are seeking public support.

The long-term goal is to replace all 35 acres of our facility with safe and durable fencing for all residents and to install cross-fencing on all 35 acres to allow for more pasture areas  The cost estimates for all 35 acres depending on the company and type of materials is up to $525,000! If you would like to help us now DONATE HERE to our fence fund!