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Supporting our resident animal trainer and behaviorist supports our organization! She donates

100% of money earned from her work to the animals at Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary!

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General Animal Behavior and Training

Our Director, Lori Torrini CPDT-KA, A.A.S., works not just with horses but with other species of animals as well. Lori has years of animal training experience which includes work with rescues and education centers training and conducting behavioral rehabilitation for special needs equines and canines. Lori has trained potbellied pigs for community outreach, with the pigs visiting nursing homes, assisted living centers, and schools. Lori spent 4 years as the coordinator and trainer for the City of Colorado Springs Community Animal Response Team (CART) teaching emergency responders and volunteers animal behavior and handling for use during disasters and other emergency incidents. 

Lori is currently working on training trials and behavioral research with snakes and recently had the following article published in the Journal of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants:  "Training Snakes to Voluntarily Relocate"  To read the article, click the link and scroll down to the "reptiles" heading. You might also enjoy reading the other informative articles in the Spring 2019 edition of the IAABC Journal about horses, dogs, and birds! 

Lori publishes video content on her Youtube Channel about her work with various animals. Her most recent snake training video demonstration, canine enrichment videos, and other content can be found here: Behavior Education LLC on YouTube

To contact Lori for a speaking engagement, to teach a class, to train an animal, for an animal behavior consultation, or for general animal behavior and training content follow Behavior Education LLC on Facebook, on Patreon or via her website.

For video content search "Lori Torrini" or go to 

on YouTube. Be sure to "like" the videos and "subscribe" to the channel! Thank You!

Cooperative care training teaches animals to voluntarily participate in their own care, providing them with control to consent to interactions or opt out. Choices, control, and the perception of control improves animal welfare and keeper safety. 

Lori Torrini


A.S.S. Zookeeping